Flora’s Farm

Flora’s pioneered the farm-to-table dining scene in San José del Cabo, and remains a mandatory stop for visiting foodies. The restaurant looks out over a 10-acre organic field at Flora Farm, so close diners can almost reach out and touch the food they’ll soon be eating.

Melt Ice Creams

MELT is a craft ice cream shop that makes American classic ice cream using fresh and seasonal fruit for made-from-scratch sauces and compotes. Translation: We don’t run a mill, rotely cut cookies or line up to assemble anything we sell. Instead, we push the envelope of creativity to produce unique, creamy concoctions like no other, anywhere.

Hello Take Away

Located on the main square in Halmstad we make our own gelato in the café every morning from fresh produce.

We also make sorbet and frozen yoghurt served with a topping of your choice.

Our signature ice cream is our fantastic Mango ice cream.

Welcome to our world of frozen love and why not pop in for a scoop when you visit Halmstad in the future.


Sava Hotels & Resorts

Ice cream with the view! 

There is one and only Bled. With its enchanting nature and harmonizing energies, it will fulfil any wish born in your soul.

The flavour of the Ice cream with the view (Sladogled) has the same qualities: the dark chocolate with raw cocoa beans will pamper the part of you that comes to Bled to enjoy the enchanting nature, the quinoa ice cream with almonds, cinnamon and raisins will stimulate the part of you looking for motivation and reinvigoration, while mascarpone will nurture your romantic side.

Taste it at Icecream with the view (Blejska sladoglednica), Bled, Sava Hotels & Resorts, and look around to enhance its flavour with the most beautiful views of the mysterious lake, the dreamy islet, the romantic castle, and the majestic mountains!

Ice Cream Jubilee

Ice Cream Jubilee is a must-visit Washington, DC sweet shop with dynamic ice cream flavors like Banana Bourbon Caramel and Thai Iced Tea. Each flavor is hand-made in the nation’s capital with local, all-natural cream.

Founder Victoria Lai left her job as a lawyer in 2013 to pursue her dream of making people happy with ice cream. Ice Cream Jubilee has been voted “Best Ice Cream in DC” by Washington City Paper and Washingtonian, and was selected as one of the 10 best ice cream shops in America by numerous publications, including Thrillist and Food & Wine.


The Main Scoop

The Main Scoop, local self-owned ice cream store. We have over 80 delicious homemade ice creams that constantly rotate. We have a variety of new and old candies such as Mary Janes and Tootsie Rolls. We also sell bakery goods such as cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, and cookies.


Gracie and the Dudes

Gracie and the Dudes was created with one thought in mind: the health and wellness of Gracie, the dudes, and now Sadie too, and countless other children who deserve a healthier option when eating a sweet treat.

 Whether you’re looking for a delicious cone or sundae, hankering for a milkshake, or in need of a cake to celebrate an occasion, indulge your sweet tooth with Gracie and the Dudes. 


Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado opened its doors July 4th, 2008. The iconic milk jug shaped building is inspired by vintage Coney Island hot-dog shaped stands. All ice cream flavors are homemade and fresh waffle cones are made on site, daily. Not only does Little Man serve the local Denver community, but through the scoop for scoop program, for every scoop of ice cream sold Little Man donates a scoop of rice, beans, or essentials to a community in need somewhere around the world. Little Man Ice Cream is the perfect place to grab a scoop during one of Denver’s 300+ days of sunshine a year!

Little Man Website: http://www.littlemanicecream.com/

The AXS Group website: https://theaxsgroup.com/


The best ice cream parlour in the land. Home of the Scrummy Tub. You can fill it, top it, stick it and drip it. There’s over 2,400 combinations, so you’ve plenty to choose from. And there’s a lot more deliciously scrummy things in store.


“At Neđo’s”

Confectionery “At Neđo’s” is located in market square in the middle of the small town of Semič in Bela krajina, Slovenia, surrounded by Kolpa River, green hills dotted with vineyards and vine cottages.

Ice cream tradition, which was started in 1971 by his father, now continues with his son,  who fills the ice cream cones with great pleasure and joy. He swears on the combination of vanilla and strawberry, but of course sweet tooth guests can choose from a variety of other flavors too.

Welcome to Semič in the Bela krajina. Welcome »At Neđo’s”!