SoolNua ICECREAM Index:Lake Lounge, Grand Hotel Toplice

Bled, Slovenia
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Savour the flavours of Bled.

Bled. See it. Taste it. Feel it. Experience Bled with your favourite ice cream.

BREATHTAKING Alpine beauty ice cream makes you savour the BEAUTY of Bled by seeing the island from the castle.

ORIGINAL Bled cream cake ice cream makes you savour the  TASTE of Bled by taking a pletna ride.

INVIGORATING Brainpower boost makes you savour the ENERGY of Bled by breathing in the energy of the Bled Vintgar gorge.

Come, taste and feel ice creams at Lake Lounge @Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled by Sava Hotels & Resorts with a breathtaking view.

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