Who will be the #1 ICECREAM Destination?

The SoolNua World ICECREAM Index has been established to celebrate and recognise:

To compile a World Index of the Best ICECREAM Destinations, we need your help. We want you to submit an entry for an individual ICECREAM store that you think is worthy of representing a Destination.

When our team receives your entry, we will put it up on our website to allow people to vote on it, so make sure to get your Destination behind your store(s)! Please note that multiple entries can be submitted for a Destination. Full Terms & Conditions here.

ICECREAM Index Store Leaderboard

Pos. Store Name Vote Count
Semič, Bela krajina, Slovenia

ICECREAM Index City Leaderboard

Pos. City Vote Count
1Semič, Bela krajina511

ICECREAM Index Country Leaderboard

Pos. Country Vote Count