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Wine Tasting on a School Night – 5 Roses in Dublin

by Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua

No going out on a school night

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.44.13You’re not really supposed to go out on a Monday night. It’s a night for staying in and doing all the things you were supposed to do over the weekend but didn’t. There’s a vague undercurrent of decadence about going out at all on a Monday but when you’re going to a wine tasting the smell of decadent irresponsibility becomes over-powering. When you reach a certain age, however, this can be thrilling. The sense of throwing caution to the wind is exciting and liberating. A man in his 50s can feel like a reckless 16 year old who has defied his parents and climbed out his bedroom window to hang in the park. Sad, I know, but true!

So there was pep in my step as I entered the privatized spaces at Coppinger Row where Retro Vino was hosting a celebration event for 5 Roses, Italy’s very first rose wine to be bottled and commercialised, produced in Puglia at Leone de Castris. The incessant rain throughout the day had finally yielded to a nice bright May evening, the perfect context for drinking this really fresh and fruity rose. Coppinger Row played their A game too and served wonderful sun-inspired canapés. It was a boisterous, buzzy affair tamed by the charming Adriano of Leone de Castris who explained in excellent English that this event was one of 14 taking place between March and May in cities all over the world from New York and Paris to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

New Wines in New Wine Skins

I met Ronan Farrell of Wine Lab Ireland. His twitter bio describes his innovative product excellently:

Its wine Jim, but not as you know it. Ireland’s first and only wine on tap specialist. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria.

On his excellent website he makes a compelling case for his disruptive product. Decisions are made by wine importers on the terraces of sun drenched vineyards in Tuscany or the Languedoc but what’s served to the drinker on a wet Dublin Friday in November often bears little resemblance to the original experience. Ronan’s innovative technology ensures consistency, eliminates wastage, preserves freshness, contains cost. Keep an eye on his website for on-going installations.

Passionate People

We also met the crew from BrasserieSixty6 and Fade Street Social and had a great discussion with Elaine Forner, Manager at BrasserieSixy6 about the ever-changing restaurant landscape in Dublin. Elaine is a passionate professional with a clear focus on customer service and the success of BrasserieSixty6, no doubt, is testimony to her dedication. We also chatted with Anthony Nolan who takes care of marketing for that holy trinity of restaurants on George’s Street – Fade Street Social, Rustic Stone and BrasserieSixty6. “It’s all about social”, he confirmed – in case we had any doubt – “You’ve got to be reaching out constantly on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare”. Anthony is another passionate professional who clearly loves what he does. If you ever needed an easy lesson in business strategy then meet Elaine and Anthony and see for yourself why passion and performance are inextricably linked.

This was also a great chance to catch up with my former Ovation colleague, Yasmine Rodriguez, just back from delivering a hugely successful travel incentive for John Deere at Adare Manor. Yas is another passionate professional of extraordinary diligence and attention to detail. She too is a great supporter of Colly Murray’s Retro Vino, our hosts for the evening. Since 2009 Colly has been sourcing wines of exceptional quality and affordability all over Europe and making them available on-line at Retro Vino. He’s also responsible for curating the wine lists at many Dublin restaurants. Check it all out here

Pádraic Gilligan is Managing Partner at SoolNua, a digital marketing consultancy based at The Media Cube, IADT, Dun Laoghaire. 



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