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a new eye

SoolNua is a specialist Business Events advisory helping destinations, hotels, venues and MICE agencies & associations with strategy, marketing and training based on 6 decades of experience as global leaders in the industry. We’re also gloriously unconventional and we never stay in our box.

research, reports and roadmaps for Business Events success

They say culture eats strategy for breakfast but without strategy there’s no breakfast to eat in the first place. We love producing impressive reports and roadmaps and can slice and dice the data with the best of them, magicking Excel spreadsheets into charming charts.

brand creation and storytelling that sets you apart

Countries, regions, cities, hotels, DMCs, industry associations and trade shows have all benefitted from that “new eye”, quirky weirdness that sets us apart. We’ll always find the elusive USP but expect the unexpected.

bespoke learning programmes for aspiring Business Events professionals

From practical "how to..." to strategic "know how..." we develop, design and deliver high impact training for MICE professionals that’s both theoretically sound and practically useful. You won’t fall asleep in our class.

meet the team

6 decades of experience as global leaders in the industry and... still crazy after all these years

our perspective on life, culture & Business Events

We’re entranced, enthralled and enraptured by the fascinating world in which we live and work and use social media as a channel to express our sense of awesome wonder. You’ll find our daily utterances on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram and some more extended views on our Wordpress blogs. You’ll also find a monthly Spotify playlist of the tunes we’re listening to.