10 iPhone Tips for Social Media Photos

Aoife McCrum
February 2, 2018

Your iPhone is your on-the-go content creator – here are some tips to ensure you are capturing the best possible social media photos to be used for quality content:

1. Keep headspace in mind for Twitter photos

Take your photo with the subject right in the middle to avoid their head being chopped off when people view it on the app and on their timeline before they’ve expanded the post!

2. Use tools like Canva to get correct dimensions for social media photos on each of the different platforms

This tool is also great for creating promotional pieces!

3. Ensure you have light behind you. Not in front of you

Smartphone camera lens’ are easily overexposed!

4. Tap your screen when your camera is open to focus on different subjects

You can get artsy and most importantly, nobody likes blurry pictures!

5. Take horizontal photos and videos (turn your phone sideways!)

Horizontal social media photos capture more and upload better on the majority of social platforms (exception is Pinterest!)

6. Record in the highest definition possible

Check your camera settings (in your regular settings app, not the camera app!) to ensure you are recording at the highest definition available on your phone.

7. Take your picture in “Square” format if you’re posting on Instagram

You’ll see a major difference in photo composition!

8. Use the volume control button on the side for your one-handed selfies!

You’ll find selfies much more manageable for your next event snap.

9. Need more time when taking that selfie? Use the timer!

Press the clock icon on your open camera screen and select a timer of either 3 or 10 seconds.

10. Multi-task. Capture a photo while taking a video

Can’t decide if your #event moment is a video or photo one? Start recording and press the white button icon underneath the recording red button and it will capture a still without interrupting your recording.

Tweet me @aoifemccrum with any more ideas, tips or questions!

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