3 Different Ways of Meditating

Aoife McCrum
October 9, 2018

Get Running

Heading out for a run is much more than just a cardio workout — self-proclaimed running “addicts” often cite their daily run as the only thing that keeps them sane. It’s the endorphins your body releases after a run that bring down your anxiety levels and the phenomenon known as “runner’s high” is very similar to a flow state.

Cook a Meal

Stepping into the kitchen is a great way to enter a flow state naturally for those that are a bit shy about stretching their meditative muscles. Consider the art of a home-cooked meal as a benefit for your mental health and your waistline especially if you only cook on special occasions.

Following a recipe forces even the most professional chefs to focus intently on the dish that’s coming together in front of them. Chances are likely you’ll be more focused on the right butter to flour ratio than you would be on the other problems consuming your life.

Go for a swim

Disconnect from your phone for a while by going for a swim. People have believed in the healing power of water for centuries! Simply floating and moving around in water helps us reconnect to a sense of inner calm that often gets lost in our busy routines.

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