4 Destinations SoolNua visited this year

Mary Martin
Mary Martin
November 19, 2018

In this blogpost, I will be taking a look at four destinations that SoolNua visited this year and the highlights of each destination. 

Montage Palmetto Bluff: South Carolina

In the blog post: https://padraicino.com/montage-palmetto-bluff/ Pádraic shares his experience of staying at the impressive South Carolina Resort: ‘Montage Palmetto Bluff’ that hosted SITE Classic. Described as a destination with a “unique sense of place and spirit”, he paints a picture of the motivational setting, which includes many stunning descriptions of nature: “Nature, in her glorious abundance, graces the area with all manner of flora and fauna including bottle nosed dolphins, alligators and skinny white birds with long yellow beaks that I don’t know the name of.” The guest experience staying at Montage Palmetto Bluff is inspirational and motivating.

“Our final night involved a boat ride across the Bluff to More lands Landing during which enjoyed a wonderful setting sun and spied a duo of dolphins while being regaled by a lively captain named Boo.”

Montage Palmetto Bluff


He also shares his experience visiting Malaysia in the post: https://padraicino.com/malaysia-incentive-travel/ . Highlights include: the “Tierasa Estate” which is a glamping facility found outside of the City of Kuala Lumpur which is located “in the the middle of the rainforest and is described as “an oasis of calm, a haven of happiness, a hideaway of hope.” He also discovers the “Resorts world Genting” which is a development that can accommodate as many as 20,000, people which is the population of a mid-sized town! The descriptions of the tour of the rainforest as well as the visit to Malacca, the UNESCO heritage site, described as a place with some “european spice” that “truly embraces diversity, a town full of colour and exuberance, a place in a permanent state of celebration” all capture the essence of Malaysia, proving that it is a destination that offers a unique experience and meets the needs of incentive travel professionals.

Resorts World Genting
Resorts World Genting
The port town of Malacca, a UNESCO heritage Site

Bodrum, The Aegean Sea

In this blog post, https://padraicino.com/bodrum-an-incentive-gem-on-the-aegean-sea/  Pádraic visits the Bodrum Peninsula, which is located in the south-west of the Aegean Sea “facing a constellation of islands, some Turkish, some Greek.” Between the “extraordinary choice of incentive-quality accommodation” and the various villages dotted along the coastline, including the village of Turkbuku which was described as the ‘San Tropez’ of Turkey it is the perfect destination for Incentive travellers. Another highlight of the trip was the medieval fort which houses Europe’s “only museum of underwater archaeology, displaying salvage items from 2 millennia of shipwrecks in the eastern Mediterranean.” With it’s “natural setting of azure skies and turquoise waters” Bodrum offers a range of experiences, world-class resorts and restaurants,  as well as “easy access direct from Bodrum International Airport or via Istanbul.”

Bodrum, The Aegean Sea
“its jagged perimeter hides a thousand inlets, bays and natural harbours that provide access to the beautiful turquoise waters that define this part of the world”


This blogpost: https://padraicino.com/bali-business-events/ features @padracino’s experience in Bali. He writes about his experience staying at ‘the Laguna’, the Starwood collection property in Bali. He shares some of his thoughts on Bali as a potential destination for Incentive travel professionals. Bali is described as a place that “wear many hats” and that can accommodate the needs of many niches. The service is one of the highlights of his experience in Bali, describing the Balinese people as “wonderfully warm, gentle, humble human beings who ooze genuine friendliness and have a service ethos that’s driven by a real desire to serve, not score a gratuity.” With the presence of global hotel brands as wells as the Nusa Dua Convention Center, located 20 minutes from the International Airport, it means that Bali also “ticks the main boxes for destination selection – access, infrastructure, destination appeal, safety.” Read the Blog to discover why Bali is described as a “special place” and why it is the perfect destination for business events and MICE Buyers. 


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