4 Ways you can Improve your Office Meetings

Louis Gilmartin
April 1, 2019

It can be quite a difficult task for getting people to engage and interact more in the meeting that you hold.

Trying to get the most out of your colleagues can be a challenge, but @LouisGilmartin6 shares some tips to improve your office meetings!

team meeting

Be more interactive

In order to get your colleagues interested and focused on the topics you are discussing, try to change the format of your meeting to be more engaging and interactive.

By asking questions, requesting to hear people’s thoughts, as well as just simply not reading straight from your notes, you will see an improvement in everyones‘ attentiveness.

Try to find ways to engage during the actual meeting too, whether this is through an implementation of an interactive agenda or incorporating a video/graphics where you can to explain things instead of talking for a long period of time.

Scrap the seating

Getting rid of the option to sit during a meeting can have a positive effect. People usually act more engaged and sharp while standing up as they seem to be more focused, instead of being relaxed while sitting back in a chair.

This will stop people from maybe scrolling on their laptops or phones and become more active into the conversation.

Walking meetings are even becoming more of a popular and positive option, as you are more aware and engaged while walking and talking.

scrap the laptops
No distractions of technology

What is the meeting for?

You need to make sure that at the beginning of the meeting, you state clearly what the meeting is for and what it entails.

This gives your colleagues a chance to prepare for what will be discussed throughout the meeting, this can produce a lot more thoughts and opinions on the given topics.

Try to only invite people that are relevant to the meeting, to save people showing up only to be bored and uninterested. If you have a large list, try to allocate a person from each team/sector to represent them in the meeting.

Food & Drink options

People will always appreciate it if there are refreshments for them when they attend meeting or conference, especially if it is a regular occurrence.

It is also a good idea to sometimes treat your employees to a breakfast or lunch if you are having a 8am – 9am meeting or 12pm – 2pm working lunch. This shows that you are grateful for them attending and that you value their time.

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