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Guest Author
February 5, 2019

The events industry is a fantastic sector to work in for many reasons. The variety of work and opportunity for growth are just some of the factors that drew me to it.

My Introduction To The Events Industry

I started working with my first event management company in the summer of 2017. My first gig was manning a brand activation at a rugby match in Dublin and it’s safe to say that I had a blast! After working as a brand ambassador for a number of event companies and their different brands/clients, I’ve discovered that event management is probably one of the most exciting industries to be working in at the moment, as it is constantly evolving, full of opportunity for growth with an abundance of creativity involved – this is exactly what I want out of a career.

How Do You Choose A Career Path?

I studied Communications at University, which would normally lead to a career in the media industry in roles like journalism or multimedia editing. But having just finished an internship in the events industry, I think I might be going against “the norm”. The events industry is the road that is appealing to me the most and I think I might just walk down it. It is an industry that is rapidly growing and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon and I want to keep up with it!

Many of my college peers began working in the events industry since graduating, and are performing in a variety of roles – marketing, production, design and account executives. We have all found that the skillset we acquired whilst studying Communications (PR, creative writing, public presentation performance, media production and more) is really aligned with the skillset required to be successful in this industry – creativity, strong strategic planners, execution in production and more. Long story short, in the end, your career path will choose you!

Millennials Crave Creativity Within Event Planning

One of the most important factors for me in a job is the opportunity to be creative – to be able to come up with ideas and create great experiences. Marketing in the events industry allows for that the kind of creativity I (and many other millennials!) are seeking. Through working as a brand ambassador, I gained a tonne of experience working with many great event managers and their creative marketing teams. Getting to see how they come up with their ideas, plan and execute them has really given me an insight into a possible career for me in the events arena.

Travel Opportunities Appeal To Millennial #Eventprofs Like Me

Another appealing factor for millennials to work in the events industry is the opportunity to travel and take your skills overseas. Some of the event managers that I have worked with have organised events in places like New York and London. I travel whenever I can in my own personal time but if I had the opportunity to do it work for too? I’ll grab it with both hands!

Ultimately, as a recent graduate in my early twenties, I’m looking for a role that is fast-paced, involves creative thinking and values my opinion.

With social media and creative marketing advancing rapidly within the event industry, the evolution, flexibility and need for creativity within the industry is making my dream career more and more appealing to me.

I can’t wait to delve in and contribute to an industry that, as a millennial, is ticking all my boxes!

Brian Dillion

An #EventProfs Jobseeker

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