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Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney
January 22, 2020

This month,  Super Grey Beard features three powerful art installations that touch on social problems, human values and the human experience.

VIGIL by Jenny Holzer

Artist Jenny Holzer is renowned for utilizing her projected text art to challenge important issues. The VIGIL light display shed light on gun control issues via words projected on New York’s Rockefeller centre. Holzer shared responses, testimonies and poems by people facing the everyday reality of gun violence.

 Field of Light at Sensorio by Bruce Munro

Fields of Light
Photo: Serena Munro

British artist Bruce Munro has been creating his illuminated large light installations at locations around the globe. He has debuted his largest artwork to date at Sensorio in Paso, Robles, California. Consisting of over 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fibre-optics, softly illuminating the fields. Munro’s exhibition highlights the shared human experience.

Building Bridges by Lorenzo Quinn

Building Bridges
Photo: Lorenzo Quinn

Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, created the magnificent monument hands in Venice- named after the six universal values- ‘Help’, ‘Love’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Faith’, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Hope’.

 As a sign of unity the hands either clasps or touches-inclusion is paramount in a world filled with hate. This powerful monument reminds us of the importance of the six universal values.


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