Assembling Office Furniture is Great For Your CV – Intern Diary

February 19, 2018

Funnily enough, one of the most surprising skills that I’ve learned here at SoolNua is being a speedy-office-furniture-builder.

The skill comes with putting together and dismantling office furniture specifically from IKEA. (A total of 3 times to be exact.) And the best part of this whole experience?

I’ve only been here 6 months!

When I started at SoolNua last summer we were based out in Dún Laoghaire and I arrived right in the middle of a big move. Pádraic basically gave me a screwdriver right then and there and I went ahead at tearing the backboard off of the office bookshelf.

After piling the bits of table tops and chair legs into my colleague’s cars, I got to spend the car journey prepping myself to put them all together again.

Best feeling ever right?

The months passed and the idea for this article suddenly came to me this past week when Aoife and Gerard made a trip back to IKEA to renovate the new office a bit. (They’ve got the eye for that sort of thing).

Of course, that means more tables – More tables to build!

More office furniture

Much like this one…

Now genuinely, I don’t hate assembling furniture. If I understand the directions and don’t spend much time looking for the right allen wrench, it can actually be a bit fun… once the chair or table is standing correctly of course.

Looking back from this experience, there are numerous reasons why building IKEA furniture is a great boost to your CV.

Here’s why:

You’re more than just the coffee intern 

There’s no question that coffee is what powers the office complex. The thing is though, anyone can pour coffee! When your potential employer is reading your CV, he/she wants to see that you can confidently carry a conference table through a hallway and that you demonstrate grit when tasked with handling an unopened IKEA box.

You sharpen your organisational skills

Keeping track of the different parts of a chair sounds like a nightmare but sure, that’s the same skill that keeps your emails and tasks together.

You’ll start to develop a sense of interior design

You might work in a completely unrelated field but your employer is going appreciate your amazing ability to tie a room together. You’ll stand out from coffee intern simply because you know how to pair a desk with a retired fireplace.

Our IKEA conference table

The colours and textures really tie the room together if I do say so myself (or rather, more so Gerard)

You’ll learn to deal with frustration

Oh, I can assure you, it’s plenty frustrating when you realise the chair you just put together is actually backwards and now you have to do it all over again. I get it. Taking control and curbing that rage is going to take you up the career ladder faster than the coffee intern who freaks out when they bought the wrong milk.

“Remember to be the IKEA intern the workforce needs.”

That said, I’ll be right back on this blog if we decide to add more office furniture!


Do you like assembling furniture? Is IKEA your favourite brand too? Do you want fresh advice on a conference table? Let me know your thoughts at [email protected].

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