Barcelona: A Gem for Meetings?

June 25, 2018

Summer has begun and my time with SoolNua and living in Ireland is drawing to a close. Two weeks ago I hopped on a plane to visit the continent for a weekend one last time before I’m due back in the US next month. I’ve been saying for nearly two years now that I needed to visit somewhere in Spain while I’m in Europe and it’s cheap and convenient.

Well, I followed through by booking my flight and hostel bed. Two weeks ago I was able to enjoy a weekend of (nearly) perfect weather in the Catalonia capital: Barcelona.

A goal of mine I’ve had this year has been to attend a regular social group full of expats and Irish who have recently moved to Dublin. One of the perks this comes with is making friends and having them as a local guide when you visit their home country.

That’s how this weekend trip came to be.

la rambla

Standing out on La Rambla like any first-time visitor would.

The weather was a nice 24 degrees which I’m told is pretty cool for the second week of June. It was humid but not enough to make you hate the outdoors. All in all, it was perfect weather to hike across the city for two days.

Barcelona Cathedral

There’s so much to see in Barcelona and I’m glad I actually knew someone local to show me the ins and outs of the city.

Sure, you’ve got the Barcelona basics like the Gothic Quarter and the beach but talking to a local gives you a whole new perspective when looking at the city for the first time.

Barcelona has invested heavily in tourism in the past decade or so and walking with a resident around the city for two days was all I needed to see this with my own eyes.

Barcelona residents will argue over whether or not investing in tourism was the right decision but nobody can deny it’s an amazing spot for tourists on holiday.

What about corporate events and meetings?

I can assure if you if a company sent me to Barcelona for a conference, I’d be just as excited to go and see the city from the business side of things.

The laid-back atmosphere I saw in Barcelona would be a warm welcome to anyone travelling from the organised chaos of most other major cities. Imagine being able to escape the conference room and enjoy a coffee outside overlooking the Barcelona Boardwalk or getting an insider’s look at Camp Nou, home of Barcelona F.C.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have an event overlooking the sea from inside the W Barcelona. (The modern and swanky hotel right on the beach.)

barcelona storm

Don’t mind the thunderstorm on its way. It’s too great of a view to let a storm get in the way.

The W Hotel

The W. Credits: The Appointment Group

Hope to see you again soon Barcelona!

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