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BLOG | October 1 2020

Big leap of faith – how to make the change you are looking for in your life?

SITE President, Jenn Glynn, talks to us about making big leaps of faith and how to make the change you are looking for in life.

It’s fair to say that due to the global pandemic almost everyone across the globe has experienced change. Whether in work or personal life there has been a significant shift in attitudes, behaviours and strategies to cope, survive and thrive. The pandemic has provided many with the opportunity to reflect on their life pre-pandemic, raising a whole host of questions. Am I in the right relationship? Should I get married? Do I want to commute two hours a day for work? Do I still have a passion for my work / industry / company?

Many have had these decisions imposed on them by external impacts whilst others have taken the time to reflect and assess their values and purpose. This leads me to the core of the topic “BIG LEAPS OF FAITH”. If you have reached a juncture in your life where you are considering a significant change in circumstance, I am sure there may be a hundred questions swirling around your head.

To date I have made a number of leaps. After graduation, I jumped in my car in the middle of Winter to travel across Canada in search of a job on the West Coast. Years later, I made the same the reverse journey home to Ontario to be closer to family. However, one of my biggest leaps of faith is one that many of you may be considering right now. I left a great job that I loved, to start the journey as an entrepreneur. It was not a decision I took lightly, but one I am yet to regret.

If you are considering making a big ‘leap’ in your own life, there are some key things I would recommend:

  1. Invest in Yourself
  2. Build Reflection Time into your day
  3. Seek Feedback
  4. And ultimately… TRUST YOUR GUT

Invest in Yourself

If you have a passion or an interest that you want to pursue in the future, take time now to research opportunities to learn more. Find out what you need to know, develop your knowledge in the field and up-skill while you can. While on the ground experience is often best, it’s not ideal to go in blind. Give yourself a fighting chance.

Reflection Time

People that know me well, know that I am more practical than spiritual, but I do try and take time for what I would call ‘active meditation’. Morning coffee without my phone, washing dishes while deep in thought, even weeding the garden, have given me the headspace to have internal conversations. Time to think about the ‘what if’ moments and to challenge my own thoughts – both positive and negative! Take time to reflect on what is important to you. Maybe start with the question – What would bring me joy?

Seek Feedback

The final decision to make a big change in your life is yours alone. However, I have always been a proponent of seeking the feedback of others. Bouncing ideas off each other, asking friends to chat things out. I am a talker… I know, many are shocked… But I like to talk things through, weigh up the options, look at different perspectives.

In one instance I had booked a night away for my best friend and I. I was upfront that I needed her opinion, we drank some wine and to say she was surprised when I had ordered a flip chart to the room, would be an understatement. We sat there, talked about life and what was next. We wrote on the flipchart everything I loved about my job, but also the things I was missing and what my future-self would want in a job. It was a memorable evening that allowed me to really drill down into what was important to me.

Also, note, that you need to get feedback from multiple sources. Those that know you really well, but also others. Find yourself a mentor, speak with people that have found themselves in a similar situation to you. Be honest with them about your plans and you may well find they share their trials and tribulations with you. It is always good when you can to learn from others.

Trust your Gut

Intuition is a powerful thing. And you need to trust your own. That aching feeling that something is not right helps lead you to what is right for you… so, be honest with yourself.

Ultimately, weigh up the pros and cons. Do something that we often find so hard to do… TRUST YOURSELF.

Keep well. Stay positive. Reach out if you want to chat.

Written by Jenn Glynn, SITE President