Christmas Baking for the Soul

Hannah McNamee
December 4, 2018

It’s now DECEMBER and it’s more than acceptable to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS to the people you see every day. There’s so much going on during Christmas, parties, markets, shopping. It’s hard to find time for yourself during the Christmas season. Don’t worry, SoolNua (I) have got you covered. I’m going to teach you how to combine well-being and baking.

How are Baking and Well-being Connected?

You will probably think I’m crazy (and I probably am) but baking makes you more mindful! Measuring, whisking and decorating all need high levels of concentration. Your mind becomes totally focused on the task at hand which heightens your attention. Also, when your hands get covered in dough and flour, you will not want to reach for your phone so you get a social media break at the same time! Two birds with one stone with a delicious output – cakes!!

The weekends leading up to Christmas can be hectic, so I recommend doing this kind of activity on a Sunday evening. This way you can unwind and realign your thoughts for the coming week! And I am sure your colleagues might appreciate the leftovers on Monday morning with a cup of coffee.


I found this recipe for “Jammy Coconut Mallows” on BBCGoodFood while searching for something similar to Kimberly Macado and Coconut Creams! You can find the link here. I found this recipe super simple and easy to follow and they turned out very tasty!

Ingredients for the Biscuits

Ingredients for the Middle & Coating


Hannah McNamee, SoolNua
Hannah McNamee, SoolNua

If you have any other Christmas cookie recipes, share them with me at [email protected]!

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