(VIDEO) 5 Easy Ways to Produce Brand Content On Instagram

March 9, 2018

Instagram seems to be all the rage with the kids these days. You may have a great product or business, but does the world know about it yet?

We all know by now that good content is the key driver in bringing business to you. With zero experience, it’s easy to think that something this important requires a professional service.

Well, I’ve got good news for you,

There are plenty of ways to produce content for yourself without any outside resources! Plus, there’s a good chance you’re already on Instagram anyway outside of work.

Last month, we visited one of our clients to capture some content. Everything made here was captured on our iPhones.

Let’s get into some of the gritty details. All of these features can be made on Instagram Stories and saved to your phone to upload all across your social platforms:


Don’t hide it. We’ve all made these at one point in time. I used to make fun of the boomerang stories I found people posting but that was before I had jumped in on the bandwaggon.

The best part about boomerang stories?

It’s pretty addictive. Why have just a photo of your restaurant’s vegan burger when you could have a video diving in and out of that same tasty (and meatless) burger.

Point is, people are going to like the bouncy video of the burger better. Science!

Super Zoom

One of Instagram’s newest features that I recently discovered adds a whole new level to the story game. You can surprise your fans with a clip that’s something straight out of Godzilla or some early 90’s rave (try the beats filter).

My main point? Don’t be too predictable all the time!

Stop Motion

Another new one! Though it can be hard on the eyes over a long period of time, there are loads of content ideas that can come in the form of a barrage of pictures at the speed of milliseconds. Show off your whole menu in 5 seconds or even your office dog modelling in different poses.

Important: Don’t overuse it! You’ll go from innovative to just annoying in record time.


You know those people that ask their Instagram followers whether or not their new hair colour is good over stories? Yeah, you can do the same! (Keeping things brand related… of course). Simple yes/no questions can be easily answered over Instagram stories.

Think about it, the most difficult part of any survey is getting your audience to actually answer your survey.

If they’re watching your story, you’ve already gotten past the hardest part. Now just drop the question and 24 hours later you’ll have the clear answer!

Wait A Minute, Tell a Story over Instagram Stories!

Whoa, how did I almost forget to mention this one? All this time I’ve been talking about using Instagram stories for individual content pieces without mentioning you can actually tell a story… with Instagram stories. Storytelling has been powering the human race since, well, forever really and that’s not stopping anytime soon.

Pull your audience in and give them a reason to keep following you!


See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it? Anyone with a smartphone these days can produce brand-related content without investing in any equipment apart from what they already have. Just remember to be recording in high definition!


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