Farewell from Hannah

Hannah McNamee
December 4, 2018

It is with a sad heart, I wish to inform all of our SoolNua friends that I am hanging up my SoolNua green jacket and heading overseas to Vancouver. When I reflect over the last 7 months of working at SoolNua, it amazes me how little I knew at the start and how much I know now. I mostly have to thank Aoife, Pat and Padraic for giving me new challenges each week and giving me so much helpful guidance.

It feels like yesterday when I was sat across from Pat and Padraic in my interview and Pat asked me if had I read a book recently… When I think about that moment and think about how far I’ve come now, it’s almost like I’m a different person. Without getting super emotional, I’ve thought through what I have loved most and learned below.

What Have I Loved?


It is fairly obvious in the office that Nova and I have a special bond. Maybe even a better bond than Nova and Aoife. But, I better keep that to myself, I don’t want to leave the office on bad terms… Anyway, Nova is now in my Top 3 favourite dogs (my very own Sandy being number 1, of course). I’m very sad to leave Nova and I expect monthly Nova newsletters from the guys. P.s – everyone needs an office dog, they know how to keep the peace during board meetings with their puppy dog eyes!

Working on Big Clients

From the get-go, I was privileged to work with the DMC Network and witness their global expansion. On my initiation day, Aoife told me that the DMC Network would be my “baby” and I’m sure she saw the fear fill my eyes. But, I delved right into the deep end and embraced the unconventional (yet, brilliant!) workings of Patrick Delaney whilst working on this project. A particular highlight of working on this project was seeing the DMC Network stand at IMEX America. I almost shed a tear, I was so proud!

Off-Site Days

Over the past few months, Aoife has taken me under her wing and brought me along to events as her trusted (I hope) side-kick. These days have been my favourite, not only because I get out of the office but also because I feel super important! Eventually, my training wheels came off and Aoife trusted me to go places on my own. Taking pictures on a pumpkin farm on the north side of Dublin was definitely a highlight. 

SoolNua Team at Airfield Food Series

What Have I Learnt?


Marketing is constantly changing. There’s always something new! From new features on the millions of marketing platforms that we use here in the office to finding new ways to enagage your customers or even GDPR! I’ve come a long way since I first sat in front of my laptop and confronted by the world of marketing. But, I’ve had a great time and marketing is definitely the colourful, fun job I imagined it would be.

MICE Industry

To be brutally honest, I hadn’t a clue about the MICE world before I stepped into it. I knew business events happened but I didn’t realise that there was a whole sector with dedicated meeting professionals and event professionals who advocated for it. I’m very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with industry celebs such as Padraic and Pat. I’ve learned a variety of things from them both over the past few months that a college course could not offer!


I’ll definitely miss the little things in the office. I’ll miss arriving into the office and Nova greeting me like she hasn’t seen me in years. I’ll miss Pat bringing back random presents (slippers, bracelets, cat pens) from his trips. I’ll miss Gerard’s love for our plants in our garden. I’ll miss Padraic’s loud typing. I’ll miss showing Mary a thing or two about social media. And I’ll definitely miss asking Aoife a million questions a day but I’m sure she won’t miss it!

Thank you SoolNua for a wonderful experience!

Hannah McNamee, SoolNua

If you have any advice on my big move to Vancouver, please contact me at [email protected]! All perspectives and opinions are welcome!

Aaaaand as always, follow my Twitter!

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