First Fortnight of SoolNua – Aisling Coffey

Aisling Coffey
Aisling Coffey
January 18, 2019

On beginning my new adventure with SoolNua I was extremely excited and honoured to become a member in a company that felt I would be the perfect ‘fit’ within their team.

As explained in the interview process, as a small company it was really important that the newest addition would be fitting for the team, after being hired, this felt like a both an honour and a huge personal accomplishment.

Between Patrick, Pádraic and Aoife, their expertise, experience and fresh thinking throughout their work were something I personally aspired to improve and gain within my own career.

It is always daunting joining a new company, especially at the beginning of my career as a recent graduate. However, as I approached the SoolNua HQ door on my first day and was greeted by Nova (the office dog) and Aoife hoovering up the remains of a Christmas tree, I was completely put at ease knowing these inspirational professionals  were going to welcome me with open arms, all questions, queries and mistakes accepted.

Due to the timing of the month I started, Patrick, Pádraic and Aoife were preparing for a global conference they were attending in Thailand. Because of this, I was given the opportunity to sit in along some of the phone calls and meetings to add the finishing touches to projects due this New Year.

With the trip ahead, there was little time to waste. I was quickly shown the tricks of the trade before being trusted with the socials, the emails and the office plants.

Although it was all new to me, I was completely put at ease throughout my learning of all platforms used within the company, the work I will be doing day to day and the atmosphere I should expect when normality hits the office again.

When the gang returned from their travels, though the normality of a quiet office had shifted, the projects where my own creativity was put to use was what really made me feel at ease with my decision to come work in SoolNua. From playing virtual reality games to having professional headshots taken, the first couple of weeks have been nothing but exciting, something everyone hopes for in their career.

From the trust and training given to me within my first week and the professionalism and fun atmosphere experienced in my second week in SoolNua, my two weeks have been pretty exciting. It has given me a huge boost of confidence within my work, creativity and skills within such a short space of time that I cannot fathom the exciting work I have ahead of me within this company.

Here’s to the future, the events, the doggy cuddles and the coffee runs with my new team!

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