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BLOG | June 22 2021

Fun. Let’s talk about fun.

Business shouldn’t be all serious. Fun is an important ingredient in creativity and innovation… so embrace your inner silly!

This isn’t a topic I’ve seen crop up much recently. I can kind of see why… it’s not exactly “top of mind” right now. In many ways it seems a far off, distant concept. When was the last time you had fun, per se? Enjoyment yes, but fun? …

What even is it really? Let’s look it up.

The Oxford English Dictionary has two definitions.

The Definition of Fun

  1. the feeling of enjoying yourself; activities that you enjoy
  2. behaviour or activities that are not serious but are meant to be enjoyed

The former I’m not sure would be my definition. I’ve done a lot of enjoyable things since Covid-19 began… I think we’ve all taken on greater appreciation for the little things in life… but enjoyment isn’t “fun” exactly. A stroll in the park, a coffee at a friend’s house, relaxing with a book etc. But would I call that fun? Perhaps not. You need the laughs, the silliness, the burst in energy. I think the “not serious” bit is key for me!

I recently came across this quotation;

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein

What a fantastic quotation! It offers a genuine excuse to have fun and to be creative, because really, you’re just expressing your intelligence.

There have been quite a few articles on how to become more creative – some focus on wellness, or exercise, or brainstorming. It’s well known that creativity leads to innovation. As business professionals we feel it’s our duty to be creative, but it’s rare we give ourselves free licence to have fun. And I love it!

A recent blog I read outlines 10 benefits of having fun, so let’s have a look at some of these.

The Benefits of Fun

  • Reduced Stress

Some play a day keeps the doctor away! When we are having fun and laughing, a lot of feel-good hormones are released into the body.

  • Better Quality Sleep

Less cortisol and more production of those feel-good hormones such as serotonin help to improve sleep quality.

  • Increased Creativity

Did you ever notice that children learn through play? So, why can’t adults do the same? You can learn a task more quickly if you are having fun and are relaxed. You may also be inspired to tackle a new project  or create something in the process!

  • Keeps you Youthful

You are only as old as you feel, and having fun keeps you young. Embrace that childlike wonder about yourself.

  • Improved Social Skills

When you choose to have fun, you most likely won’t always do it alone. A lot of playful and fun activities allow for team building skills and improving social communication.

  • Helps to Heal Emotional Wounds

Having fun helps to create new and positive memories, whether while having fun with yourself or with others. This can allow your views and struggles with something to improve and change.

  • Better Memory

Lower cortisol levels will mean more head space and an overall clearer mind. You will find yourself sharper and in a clearer head space. Having fun also allows us to be present, which is a key factor for happiness.

  • Better Energy

When you have fun, you decrease your negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. These things can be both mentally and physically draining.

  • Increased Productivity

Having fun at work allows you to take a break from stressful work tasks and let your mind run free for a while. This break will leave you feeling refreshed for the next work task at hand and will most likely boost your creativity.

  • Improve your Love Life

Playing around with your significant other can put a lighter tone on your relationship. It can also teach both of you to not be so serious all of the time. We all have seen those 80+-year-old couples who goof around doing normal everyday tasks. We yearn to be them because they know the secret to a long-lasting and healthy relationship. It’s having fun, and not taking life too seriously!

So what’s not to love? Go out and have a little fun! Encourage your employees to do the same. Not only does it feel good, but it’s a key component in flaming that creative spark… and these days, that should be a job pre-requisite!

Written by Sara Hosford, SoolNua

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