GDPR Is Here For Us All – What’s the Future Looking Like?

May 25, 2018

Last week, I finished the insane HBO series that some of you may have heard of. It’s called Game of Thrones. One of the famous phrases that stuck out, is that one line “Winter is Coming”.

I came across that first episode months ago but, I couldn’t help crack myself up this past week or so by saying something funny and original in my head like “Brace yourselves. GDPR is Coming”.

GDPR is coming

This meme died long ago but its legacy hasn’t.

Well, folks, GDPR is here and it’s here for all of us. It doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, or occupation. It’s here for all of us.

Now to get back to the real world. As of the 25th of May 2018, companies have to be completely transparent about the digital information they keep from people that are living in Europe according to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have an email account like me, you’ve likely been bombarded by “updated privacy policy” emails since everybody seems to enjoy waiting until the deadline before they officially have to have complied with the new laws. I don’t even remember signing up for half of the mailing lists who have written to me. I honestly can’t even remember some of the companies. It’s a bit funny, yes, but GDPR is a serious game changer. It’s taken me a while to really see the full extent of it.

For one thing,

It’s an EU law but it’s not just about Europe

Simply put, GDPR has changed the internet for everybody. The new EU regulation is forcing us to see just how small of a world the 21st century has turned us into. Any website that attracts visitors browsing the web in Europe must be compliant with all of the privacy terms that the new regulation carries with it. Unless you’re a very small business selling exclusively to local customers outside Europe, GDPR still affects you.

On top of that, GDPR isn’t even a “citizenship” issue. I’m not a European citizen and the new law still affects me while I’m here in Ireland. People simply travelling within the EU are affected too.

GDPR will eventually become the global standard

Let’s be honest, preparing for GDPR has been a major pain and it doesn’t make much sense for companies to exclude Europe in the long run. (How long will The Los Angeles Times stay offline in Europe?) The recent scandals with Facebook have brought online data protection to the public’s attention around the world so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on to increased protection of individuals.

What does GDPR mean for marketing?

Time to get more creative! Building up a company mailing list won’t be as easy as before. It’s looking like GDPR will soon kill off the type of lazy and shady marketing scams that so many of us have just become accustomed too. Advertisers and marketers are going to have to find ways to earn every lead and every email address in their database.

What does this mean for the average Joe living in Europe?

Higher quality marketing campaigns and more rights to privacy! You can even request companies to send you the information they have on you or request them to delete the information altogether. What a bargain!

It’s time to celebrate higher tier marketing and a new future of the internet! It’s also time to celebrate finally being done with GDPR preparedness…

*Disclaimer* I’m not a lawyer. I’m merely a new guy in the marketing world. For deeper questions about GDPR please seek proper legal advice.

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