How Dallas Sold Us on Ice Cream

July 2, 2018

It’s tough to say where the inspiration for this blog post came from. Could it be that there are two weeks left to sign up for the #worldICECREAMindex or is it just because it’s 26 degrees outside and there’s not a single cloud in the sky?

Either way, summer is just kicking off and it’s the best time (even for the dairy sensitive crowd like myself) to be talking about ice cream. Now, when ice cream comes up in conversation, most people typically bring up basic subjects like “What’s your favourite flavour?”, “what do you mean you don’t care about sprinkles?” and all the way to “Should dairy-free ice cream still carry on calling itself ice cream?”

(I’m a staunch supporter of vegan/dairy-free ice cream for the record but until we come up with a better name than ice not-quite-cream, it should remain the same)

Nonetheless, ice cream has an incredible ability to bond all cultures together. Whether you’re dairy intolerant or not, everyone has a story about ice cream (good or bad).

The SoolNua World Ice Cream Index brings these good stories to life from all corners of the globe. It’s a way to tell a unique story about a destination and it’s all centred around local ice cream shops.

Speaking of stories…

One destination that caught our attention a couple weeks ago is Dallas/Fort Worth in the great state of Texas, USA. They’ve just finished running a social media campaign exclusively on Instagram where users could vote for their favourite ice cream shop to represent DFW in the #worldICECREAMindex.

The campaign took full advantage of the polling feature on Instagram Stories. Have a look at what they did here…

According to Visit DFW’s press release, nearly 12,000 votes were cast during this competition and resulted in Cow Tipping Creamery taking 1st place. They’re officially representing the Dallas metro area in the World Ice Cream Index!

This completed bracket of ice cream shops is certainly a sight to see.

If I was alive 40 years ago and someone told me that I’d be soon voting for the best ice cream parlours on a mobile phone photo sharing application, I’d call that person crazy.

Alas, it is 2018 and Dallas/Fortworth just nominated their ice cream parlour representative for a global competition on their mobile phones.

What has Visit DFW taught us about social media?

The Instagram polling feature was added less than a year ago and it’s already made an impact. In addition to that, this campaign was an Instagram exclusive. Facebook and Twitter weren’t involved.

Perhaps it’s time to start taking Instagram more seriously?

Facebook’s recent investment in Instagram is bringing loads of features into the app…fast. It’s tough to keep up with it all but we’re excited to see what the next innovative marketing campaign will be.

Have you signed up?

To Cow Tipping Creamery and our many other participants, we wish you the best of luck this summer to come out on top of World Ice Cream Index!

You can still sign up here to enter the 2018 competition before July 13th.

For everyone else (including my dairy intolerant friends), here are my tips to stay cool in a heatwave.

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