IJscuypje, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Holland


It starts with our search for the best and purest raw materials and the most passionate suppliers. Our main suppliers are the Dutch cows, they deliver fresh milk to make our ice cream and frozen yogurt. The ice cream and frozen yogurt is prepared in the ice cream shops themselves. We have of course the popular flavours such as vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and pistachio, which are so delicious people come from near and far to taste. IJscuypje also has some Dutch specialties like elderberry and rhubarb sorbet, raisin ice cream, apple pie with real pieces of apple inside and Dutch cookie and macaroon ice cream. Come visit us soon!

Check out all the different flavours IJscuypje has to offer on their website; http://www.ijscuypje.nl/

They are also on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/IJscuypje

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