Reykjavík, Iceland


Valdís owner Gylfi Thor Valdimarsson, is a trained chef and had been living in Denmark for the past twelve years when he became interested in making Italian-style gelato and sorbet. “Everyone in Iceland eats this soft-serve ice cream from a machine but they’ve opened a lot of gelato shops in Denmark and it’s just much better,” he says. With this in mind, he began writing down his concept to open a gelato shop with a twist—let the customers see behind the scenes to watch the ice cream making in process. He came home and opened his shop.

His gelatos are made with a combination of Icelandic dairy and Italian binding agents to help the ice cream hold and keep an authentic consistency, but the flavours are distinctly local. “Icelanders love the Reese’s, Oreo and cookie ice creams” Gylfi says. The waffle cones are baked freshly every day. “Italians would never eat their gelato or sorbet from a cone, only from a cup.” Gylfi collaborates with his Facebook fans to get new flavour ideas to keep the fridge in constant rotation.“We take requests on our page all the time, then we make it and post that their ice cream is now in the store,” Gylfi says. (

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