(VIDEO) Let’s Get To Know Dublin – Intern Diary

February 23, 2018

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Dublin half a year already! February is coming to a close and I figured I should get out a bit and see the city that I’m currently calling home.

To get started, I asked myself, “What makes Dublin special? What really makes it stand out?”

To do that, I wanted to dig a little and ask newcomers and locals alike what their thoughts are living in the Irish capital in 2018. After that, it was just a matter of walking around the city centre until the blister on my ankle became too much to handle (Seriously though, I should have worn thicker socks).

As for me, here are a few of my favourite things about living in the capital of Ireland.

Having a friendly chat in the streets of Dublin is completely normal

One of the first things you pick up in Ireland is that the people here are largely up for a chat. Small talk is literally the biggest skill I’ve picked up while living here.

Just try and talk about the weather to anyone in the street. Chances are good you’ll be talking about the cold for at least five minutes. Now, if you tried that in New York? (Yikes)

Everything is close

Yes, you can pretty much walk most everywhere. Need to do a bit of shopping? You’re sorted. You’ll rarely have to walk more than 15 minutes. Looking for a pub? Well, you’re even better off because it’s hard to turn a corner without coming across one. Live music? You’re never far either.

Hey, speaking of that,

It’s a great music city

I love to frequent different music venues and pubs around town. It doesn’t even matter what you like to listen to because everything’s out there. I once saw a Seattle grunge cover band and a traditional Irish group all on the same day.

As for traditional music in Dublin, there will always be music playing at some pub given the number of tourists that are always flooding in and out of the city. For a bit more of a “country-like” and local experience, I love going to The Cobblestone to see a pop-up session. That said, you’ll never have to worry about finding a band playing in Dublin!

I’m sure everyone knows a song written about Ireland. There’s an awful lot out there and it’s never tied down to just one genre! Here are some of my favourite songs (new and old) that all tell different stories about the Irish capital.


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