The Morning Routines of Famous Artists

Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney
September 18, 2018

We believe that exposing yourself to different cultures and art forms will enrich both your professional and personal life. It stimulates you with new ideas and ways of understanding the world and helps you reach a healthy work/life balance.

This month, @supergreybeard delves into the world of artistry and what their morning routines consist of. We all have different morning routines and maybe, we could learn something from these artists.

The morning routines of Louise Bourgeois and Willem and Elaine de Kooning via Artsy: 


Louise Bourgeois, Brooklyn, 1995 

Louise Bourgeois was “very habitual,” according to her longtime assistant Jerry Gorovoy. Each morning, the artist woke up and drank a cup of tea “with some jelly straight out of the jar,” Gorovoy recalled. Afterward, he explained, “she’d have a bit of a sugar high and be ready to roll.”


Willem de Kooning and Elaine de Kooning, East Hampton, New York, 1983

Willem de Kooning was never a morning person. As a young man, he would wake, reluctantly, around 10 or 11 a.m. and immediately gulp down several cups of strong coffee. He then proceeded to paint the day away, pausing only for dinner or a visit from friends. Even marriage couldn’t disrupt his routine.


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