Moustache Month!

Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney
November 9, 2019

Movember Madness

November is no longer exclusively the month of dark evenings and pre-Christmas hype! For the last 16 years, it is also synonymous with “Movember” – the month when men grow moustaches to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. In honour of this cause, let us draw awareness to just 3 of art’s many iconic moustaches.

Salvador Dali's iconic moustache.

Salvador Dali – The Spanish surrealist painter is remembered for his finely sculpted and artistic ‘stache just as much as he is for his work. When asked if his moustache was meant as a joke, Dali said it was the only “serious” thing about him. He also said that, since he didn’t smoke, he decided to grow a moustache instead, and carried around a cigarette case in which were “carefully placed (fake) moustaches.”

Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Joseph Roulin’ – The swirls and twirls of Roulin’s luscious beard unfurl harmoniously with the kaleidoscopic background in this portrait by Van Gogh. Roulin, a postal employee, became a sort of big brother to the artist, caring for him during the major onset of mental illness that came in 1888, and seeing him through the asylum months of early 1889.

Frida Kahlo – forever proving the old adage “Whatever you can do I can do better.” In her self-portraits, Frida exaggerated her monobrow and moustache as valued parts of her personal identity, consolidating her stance against typical stereotypes of feminine beauty. 

The Chevron, Horse-shoe, Handlebar, English, Pencil, Walrus…. the options are endless! Have you ever graced your face with a mighty moustache? Who’s your favourite ‘stache sprouting idol? Are you brave enough to take on the Movember challenge?

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