My First Experience Using Slido (Intern Diary)

May 4, 2018

Last week SoolNua led an event at an urban farm here in Dublin. The event brought in experts in the food industry from all over the country so they could share their knowledge with us about food sustainability in an open forum. This event was also my first opportunity to use the audience engagement tool Slido.

For those that don’t know, Slido is an online tool that lets members of the audience type questions they have so that the question will be shown on a TV or projector for all to see. It also features a Twitter wall so that all members of the audience can see what’s being tweeted about the event in real time. From the moderator’s side, event hosts also have the ability to run polls. It’s a great way to boost audience engagement.

I guess you could say at the time that I wasn’t completely new to Slido. My time spent in the SoolNua office seemed to have added it to my vocabulary over the months I’ve spent here despite the fact I had never used the programme before. All I know is my boss Pádraic raves about Slido and I couldn’t help but become an expert myself just by listening to him when he’s on the phone with clients telling them all about it.

Okay…maybe I wasn’t an expert right away but I did know a few pointers ahead of time simply by listening to Pádraic talk.

I may not have been an expert, but I at least had an idea what to expect. I was eager to see the programme for myself while we were setting up for the presentation that morning. Right off the bat, I found out that

Slido is Simple for EVERYONE involved

I thought at first I’d be hounding my colleague Aoife with questions on how to operate Slido but no…not really.

As a member of the audience, you simply type a hashtag into your phone and voilà – you’re instantly connected with the rest of the meeting.

Here’s how:

Slido Entry

It all starts with typing your chosen hashtag into the big bar on your laptop or phone (it’s just as easy on both).

This is the page you see once you’re logged in:

You’ll be greeted with this page to freely type questions and tweet to your heart’s desire directly from Slido (once you connect your Twitter!).

If you’re logged in as an admin hosting the event, you’ll see a menu where you can approve tweets and the questions that will show up on the TV or display.

The hardest part about new technology is getting people to adopt it. Fortunately, all you have to do to use this programme is visit the Slido website. There isn’t really a learning curve (we all know how to use our phones!)

Once you start tweeting, they all go up on the Twitter wall. It’s fast. It’s speedy. And most importantly, it just works.

Twitter Wall

People were tweeting about the delicious black pudding rolls being served at the time.

I monitored the tweets while Aoife monitored the questions. Everything flowed seamlessly.

People actually use it

The best part of the whole thing was that people actually used it. Sure, some people preferred asking questions the old fashioned way but the majority of the audience engaged with Slido.

Even if you’re not the type for asking questions at an event, there’s a bit of excitement you get when you see your tweet on the big screen. It makes you feel involved and engaged.

And that’s everything that Slido is about.

Want to chat about digital marketing, event management, or using Slido? Send me an email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.

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