My First Week at SoolNua!

Hannah McNamee
June 15, 2018

Starting a new job can be stressful and nerve-wrecking with new people, a new environment, and new everything! Of course, I felt this stress like any other human being. I had no idea what to expect as the new Marketing Assistant at SoolNua. This was my first experience of a job having left the university environment so the pressure was on! Was I going to like it? Were they going to like me? Will they think I am crazy that I am vegetarian? Maybe! I was definitely nervous for my first week.

First Day:

The second I walked into SoolNua HQ, I was instantly put at ease. Andrew and Aoife’s bright smiles on this warm Tuesday morning left my worries at the door. I was escorted to my new fabulous desk which had (MY OWN!) MacBook (PRO!), a luminous green SoolNua jacket (MERCH!!), and there was a DOG under my desk! I was delighted!

Green jacket

Me in my new SoolNua jacket!


Nova the office dog!

After all the excitement, Aoife brought me into the meeting room (interview flashback!). She brought me through SITE, MPI, DMC, ICCA, IMEX. By the end of it, I was nearly singing the YMCA. Thoughts were swirling through my mind such as “how am I going to remember all of these?” and “I better learn them all so I don’t look stupid.” But I was assured that it was not necessary to know all these guys straight away. So, I’m postponing my panicking for another day and hoping I won’t be tested in the future.

I found the rest of my first day particularly overwhelming. There were so many different platforms to find and create content and then other platforms to post the content on other social media platforms. WOW! I have never had so many tabs open in Safari in my life. I brought alluring new MacBook home with me so I could figure out how to organise my browser. And I can confirm, I still haven’t figured it out but I’m ok with the chaos now!

Rest of the Week:

Getting to know a new industry is pretty interesting. Explaining to my family and friends that “no, I do not work with rodents” was quite difficult in the beginning. MICE is a particular niche market segment in tourism, something that is new to me. This didn’t hold back my curiosity. Through reading Padraic’s blog I quickly learned all things MICE. Travelling has always been a passion of mine so getting to work with it in a professional capacity is superb.

My week got a lot more exciting when Aoife organised a photo shoot to get my headshots done. This is something I have never done before in my life. I felt like America’s Next Top Model but the corporate version! I kitted myself out in an old black suit and bit the bullet. Roger’s welcoming and calm demeanor kept my nerves at bay. By the end of it, he was making me reconsider my career choices. Maybe I have picked the wrong industry and should have been a corporate model! Who knows, this could be an option for the future?

Roger - photographer

Roger doing his thing!

Roger - photographer

Roger, again, doing his thing!


After getting settled in, everything began to flow. I really like this job! The rest of the week continued to glide in perfect harmony. I am still learning the ropes and cannot wait until I am fully trained in. Not only do I get to pet a dog whenever I want, drink all the peppermint tea and Nespresso I want (see the meme below) but I get to do something that I enjoy; working with social media and marketing (yes, I am your average millennial). Although I am relatively new to this industry, I am extremely thankful for this new opportunity and undoubtedly embracing it with open arms.


My new life!

If you have any advice for me on being new to the MICE industry or maybe enquiring about hiring me as a corporate module, contact me at [email protected]

We have a super cool website to show you the work and services we provide and it can be found at

For all things meetings and events related, Padraicino is the man to talk to. 

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