(VIDEO) Intern Diary – Nutella Search and Pancake Tuesday #EventProfs

February 7, 2018

As part of my job at SoolNua, I am learning new things every week. Sometimes, this includes the impossible: Finding a good deal on Nutella just before #PancakeTuesday.

Funny enough, I actually learned about Pancake Tuesday while sorting through the database in the office. (It’s just Tuesday in the US!) My colleagues were here all talking about how lemon juice and sugar was pretty much the standard pancake setup here in Ireland and I stopped for a minute and just thought.

“Wait, that sounds amazing.”

But I was also feeling a bit homesick too and wanted to bring some new culture to the office with the sweeter and slightly more artery-clogging American cousin: chocolate and pancakes.

To make everyone happy of course, we decided to have both lemon and Nutella covered pancakes for a true Irish-American experience.

We just needed some Nutella and I was given the quest to find the best price possible.

And so, I walked from one village to another to find the best Nutella deal.

(It’s actually easy to do in Ireland!)


SoolNua HQ is located right in the heart of Terenure Village in South Dublin. There are plenty of shops to buy Nutella in but I’ve done the hard work and will share how to score a bargain on 400 grams of delicious chocolate spread.

*All shops had Nutella sales going on

#1 Centra – €2.00

The Centra in Terenure is small and easy to manoeuvre. You could buy a jar of Nutella for just a couple euro.

Decent… but no impulse decisions here… could I do better?

#2 Tesco – €2.20

I’ll be honest I was a bit disappointed here. The layout is clumsy and I spent the longest amount of time looking for Nutella jars. When I finally did find it, I saw it was a disappointing 20 cents more.


#3 SuperValu – €2.00

Ahh SuperValu, sure it’s the furthest from SoolNua HQ but completely worth the calorie-burn investment. The Nutella was right there front and centre and matched Centra’s respectable price.

Rather than flip a coin, I figured I walked to a different a village just for chocolate and might as well make something out of the trip.

Whoo-hoo! The best Nutella deal


At the end of the day, I could sleep well knowing SoolNua had 20 extra cents (happiness is filling out that expense sheet) and a company chocolate-hazelnut spread. It’s bound to last us a while.

Do you enjoy Nutella? Do you know a better sweet spread to lather on your pancakes? Did you see the full video?

Let me know your thoughts!

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