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BLOG | November 3 2020

The most colourful places to visit

With the changing of the seasons, we are inspired more than ever by colour! These 3 places from around the globe offer a colourful delight to the senses!

By November we are in the midst of a ‘turning of the season’. For the Northern hemisphere, this is the crossing from Autumn to Winter. While, for the Southern half of the world, windows are thrown open in the welcoming of summer! Both periods of time are imbued with colour – the vibrant reds and oranges of autumn, or the fresh greens and bursting flowers of spring. So what better time to talk about colour?

Our world is full of wonderful places, and colour serves to lift our spirits. This can occur naturally, or be through the intervention of man. “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul,” wrote Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky. This abstract artist expressed how colour, both in the natural world and art, can directly have an impact on one’s mood or memory.

The following locations each offer something special for their vibrancy of hue.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco, every building and alleyway of this former fortress town in the Rif Mountains is covered in a delight of blue tones. Some say it was painted blue in the 1930s by Jewish refugees from Spain to reflect the divine, while others suggest it represents the colour of the sea and keeps mosquitos away. Whatever the reason, this Moroccan gem offers a peaceful yet colourful spot to test out your photography skills and marvel at its beauty.

Photo by Milad Alizadeh on Unsplash

Sand Dunes in Namibia

Apart from being one of the driest and oldest deserts on Earth, the Sand Dunes of Nambia’s distinctive deep-red color comes from layer of iron oxide, which coats the nearly five-million-year-old sand. While the water supply is limited in the region, antelope, ostriches, and reptiles can all be seen exploring the vast dessert and star-shaped dunes. Contrasting with the clear blue sky and bright yellow sun, this place is beyond striking!

Photo by Dimitri Simon on Unsplash

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain in Peru

The peaks of the Ausangate Mountain region exhibit an array of shades from pastel green to pink! This is down to the different types of sediment and its reaction to the atmosphere. The gem of this range is Vinicunca, which displays seven different colours in a uniform fashion. The technicolor mount is found deep within the mountain range and takes nearly six days of hiking to reach the peak.

Photo by Michael Busch on Unsplash