St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Denmark

March 23, 2018

If I had to pick one of my favourite parts of living in Europe, I’d have to say I love the fact that it’s so simple to travel to many different countries. For an American, this is a big deal! In just two hours, I could be immersed in Scandinavia with a different language, currency, and culture. As much as I love Ireland, when I decided to go to Denmark over the long St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I couldn’t wait to see something new.

I was going to Denmark to visit a friend whom I had met on my college exchange programme in the UK back in 2015. We both had explored England for the first time together so I couldn’t wait to see for myself where he calls home.

His home was in Aarhus: Denmark’s second biggest city. Aarhus is on the opposite side of the country from Copenhagen so that meant  I had to board a train for another three hours. Whatever, that meant I had more time to catch up on my Netflix queue!

I didn’t arrive in Aarhus until after midnight so it’s safe to say that my trip actually began on

Saturday – St. Patrick’s Day and time to find somewhere showing the rugby

If there is one thing I’m going to remember fondly, it’s the Danish rugbrød (rye bread). Having some of the local rye bread in the morning just makes me sad when I think about having to go back to eating regular white bread. Danish bread is more filling and actually healthier too. It was a great way to start the day…and to find an Irish pub.

Normally on holiday in another country, the last thing I’d want to do is find an Irish pub when I’m going to be back in Ireland in two days. Having Ireland fighting to be undefeated in the Six Nations Rugby tournament on St. Patrick’s Day was an exception though.

Thanks to the sizable Irish community in Aarhus, the “craic” was had when Ireland won and my Danish friend was even able to learn a thing or two about rugby!

Still, though, I was more than ready to experience Danish things while I was in Denmark.

Following the match, I had my first taste of Virtual Reality gaming and then went straight to a small but legendary Danish burger shop called Burger Shack across from the pub. (I even thought it was better than Five Guys which came to a shock for my Danish friends). Following the hefty burger, I got to learn a new Danish dice game that’s popular to play in bars in Denmark!

Sunday – More rugbrød, and a full day for exploring

With no rugby to distract us and a stomach full of more Danish rye bread, we spent the day walking around Aarhus on a slow Sunday. We had a blast exploring the Aarhus art museum and its signature rainbow panorama.

Rainbow Panorama

We also stopped off at the Botanical gardens where we got to experience nearly every climate on Earth in just 30 minutes.

Botanical Garden

The humidity in the tropical room reminded me of when I struggled to adapt to living in southern Louisiana.

Monday – Back to Copenhagen

My flight back to Dublin wasn’t until later in the evening so I took an early morning bus and ferry back to Copenhagen so I’d have time to explore for a few hours, I actually did an ok job seeing all the major sights city on just my two feet and it was great to see the countryside from the bus.

My one regret is walking to the very north of the city to see the Little Mermaid. Yes, it’s a pretty statue but definitely not worth seeing if you’re going out of your way. It took ages just to get a decent picture that doesn’t have another tourist’s head in the way.

Go see the Christiansborg Palace instead!

Christiansborg Palace

Time to go home

Exhausted from the full day on the move, I actually couldn’t wait to get to the airport an extra hour early just to relax. Travel is fun but never forget that sometimes the best parts of the travel will be the unexpected.

(i.e. Getting to hear a recorded Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in the airport bar.)

Speaking of music, here are some of the tunes I’ve picked that you can jam to coming out of this Nordic country.

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