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BLOG | November 26 2020

Starting a Family during Covid-19

Laura Tully talks to us in this article about the pros and cons of pregnancy during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Laura Tully talks to us in this article about the pros and cons of pregnancy during this Covid-19 pandemic. Since writing this, we are delighted to share that Laura has since had a gorgeous baby boy, called Luke! A definite good news story to share at this time of year!

When my partner and I decided that 2020 would be the year we would look to start a family we never imagined that the year in question would entail a global pandemic.  After a relatively straight forward start to the year, I found out that we were expecting the day before the UK went into full lockdown.  Writing this, nearly 30 weeks into the pregnancy, Manchester is back in local lockdown and the venue that I work for, Manchester Central Convention Centre has been contracted until March 2021 by the NHS and will remain a Nightingale Hospital as the country gears up for a second wave of Covid-19.

My overall wellness throughout the past seven months has been at the forefront of my mind and there has definitely been both pros and cons to being pregnant during lockdown.  The main pros have been that I have really been able to take the time to concentrate on myself, my baby and this pregnancy.  Mornings before logging on now consist of pregnancy yoga instead of the daily train commute and I have been able to relax and remain as stress free as possible from the comfort of my own home.  I am a huge advocate for home working and love the flexibility that this time has offered me, all whilst ensuring my clients and standard of work has remained at a consistent standard.  My employer and team have also been a huge source of support as we connect virtually everyday and understand that pregnancy can bring many new challenges.

I have also been taking the time to read and educate myself about this new chapter I am about to undertake. Knowledge is power (I am a planner by nature, after all!).  I do wonder whether I would have had the time to focus on this, had we been in ‘normal times’.  Both mindfulness and hypno-birthing have really contributed to my wellness and I feel that I have been in a unique situation where I have had the time to dedicate to this.

The standard of care I have received to date has been second to none, with a few slight changes along the way.  All my midwife and hospital appointments became in person again, which was not the case at the beginning.  However my partner was still unable to attend any scans or appointments with me, which has been a real shame, as I do believe that it contributes to the initial bonding process.

My biggest apprehension throughout pregnancy has been the fear of the unknown.  What if there is a second wave?  Will I have to give birth alone?  What are my birthing options now?  As a person that likes to plan and know all possible outcomes, this has by far been the ultimate challenge and will continue to be so as we still do not know what the coming months have in store.  However, having the time at home to concentrate on myself has most definitely helped with any anxieties and I have prepared myself as best I can for all possible outcomes.  Covid-19 aside, there really is only so much you can do to ‘plan’ as baby will come in his own time, in his own way.

It certainly will be an experience that we will share with our son for many years to come!    

Written by Laura Tully; International Account Manager for Manchester Central