GUEST POST: Static body, static mind – change your work mindset!

Guest Author
Guest Author
July 31, 2018

by Zoe Ennis, Solicitor, Arthur Cox

Static body, static mind: a concept desk-bound workers are all too familiar with!

As an active pilates enthusiast, I often find the physical constraints of my desk are reflected in a more rigid mindset.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world where taking out a yoga mat beside your desk is acceptable… so what is the solution?

In the wise words of Pieter Willem Botha – “Adapt or Die”. This may come across dramatic, however, incorporating a few simple habits into your daily life, can produce far from simple results.

So try it, move your body to inspire your mind:

  1. The lift is no longer an option anywhere; I am talking office, airports, client meetings. Visualise a permanent out of order sign on the lift doors. Suddenly your heart starts beating on the way to your desk – don’t underestimate the benefits of light cardio!
  2. Stand at your desk. To fully commit, purchasing a sit-stand desktop is an investment your body will thank you for in the future. If this seems a little too much, allocate 5 minutes per hour where you take your documents or handheld device walking to catch up on valuable work and leg stretching time.
  3. Finally, learn the worth of water, the effects dehydration has on your body knows no bounds. You wouldn’t let your glass go empty on a Saturday night… so be as strict on yourself in work!

So remember look after your body, because no one else will.

Zoe Ennis, Solicitor at Arthur Cox

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