The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Aideen O'Keeffe
September 15, 2019

While work is a significant element of modern life, however, it is important that it is not all-consuming and detrimental to our work-life balance. It is now well established that this work-life balance, of a healthy work environment, helps to reduce stress, burnouts and illness. Yet, attaining work-life balance can be difficult in the modern competitive workplace.

3 Reason Why Maintaining a Work-Life Balance is so Important

To Maintain Mental Health

Overworking and stress can ultimately lead to burnouts and employees who are working long hours are at high risk of this.

Burnouts amongst employees can lead to low productivity for the employer in that mood swings, exhaustion, and reduction in work performance are consequential of this.

Work-life balance needs careful management by both employers and employees.

To Maintain Physical Health

The old adage “mens sana in corpore sano”-“ healthy body, healthy mind” is a fundamental requisite in the present-day workplace.

Long working hours and a large workload can lead to poor dietary habits and lack of essential exercise. Very often fast food, eating on the go, microwaveable meals can become the norm for many ambitious and career-oriented people. This, in turn, can lead to many health problems, which can involve obesity, lack of basic physical fitness, high blood pressure and heart disease.

However in order to help alleviate these problems the avoidance of working through lunch, walking to work or perhaps taking a fitness class after work would be helpful.

Increase in productivity

It is only natural that an employer wants the employees to be productive, diligent and loyal, but working unnecessarily long hours is not compatible with this and may lead to poor performance. People who maintain a good work-life balance will most likely have higher levels of productivity, and thus be more beneficial to an employer.

Nonetheless, it is important to take a step back, and re-evaluate how you work – to work smarter, not harder

What can you do?

Here are tips to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance: take that holiday, always take breaks, spend time with friends and family, don’t take work calls from home, get some real sleep, eat healthy, and take some personal time off.


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