The Museum of Concepts

Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney
June 14, 2019

@SUPERGREYBEARD takes a look a some of the top concept museums from around the world.

Traditional museums have based their exhibitions on particular events, objects, culture, and people. Nowadays museums are concentrating on ideas instead of things.

The article by Museum Hack really divulges into the world of Concept Museums. Click here to read in full.


The Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a museum in Zagreb, Croatia and Los Angeles, the USA dedicated to failed relationships. It’s a global crowd-sourced project, showcasing symbolic possessions and stories of heartbreak.

“The Museum of Broken Relationships is unique in both concept and structure”.

The museum offers the opportunity to surpass an emotional turmoil through creativity- by donating to its universal exhibition.

A Norwegian donated an Iron accompanied with the short story: “This iron was used to iron my wedding suit. Now it is the only thing left.”



Museum ann de Stroom (MAS)

The MAS focuses on the city of Antwerp and its connection to the world- locally and globally. Each level of MAS’s unique building showcases a broad abstract theme.



The MAS creates thematic exhibitions, connecting local and global culture, art and history.

“Through accessible interpretation and interactivity, they encourage visitors to be curious and connect each theme to their own experiences.”

The collection extends to maritime objects that document international trade and shipping, to the history, art and culture of  Antwerp, Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.

The museum prides itself on being “a place where you look at the world, at Antwerp and yourself”.


Canadian Museum of Human Rights

This is the first museum solely devoted to the history and future of global human rights. The museum contains a collection of 10 permanent galleries focused on big ideas. Together with temporary collections featuring human rights people and stories from around the globe.

“ By focusing on human rights in general rather than a specific event or place, visitors can explore different cultural perspectives on rights, and how they have been shaped over time.”

“We explore moments of human rights advancement and others of setback. These stories encourage us all to consider how choices affect others, from our neighbours to people across the globe”


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