GUEST POST: The untapped potential of micro-influencers in the ‘MICE’ industry

Guest Author
Guest Author
July 31, 2018

by Mariska Kesteloo, Word of MICE

In a world of social media domination, we now hear and see the word “influencers” everywhere. But from what is reported in the media, we have heard more negative than positive feedback about this medium of marketing. Let’s dispel that myth!

First, let’s start with micro-influencers. Have you heard of them? Let’s look at a definition:

Micro influencers are creators on social media platforms who typically have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. These creators typically build followings around niches like hotels or destinations and cultivate communities surrounding their content. Many of them interact with fans and followers regularly and, as a result, micro influencers may sometimes see high engagement and active audiences. *Source Mediakix*

What if, through the use of influencers, you could raise your visibility, awareness, engagement, reputation, sales, customers, leads, authority, values, and more? At The Word of MICE, we are convinced that many suppliers would love to improve one of the above-mentioned topics.

Influencer marketing has huge potential in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events industry. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), we have not used this medium to its full potential yet. We work in an amazing industry and we have plenty of opportunities to invite, attract and involve influencers in many different scenarios. For example, you could invite influencers backstage at a major event and ask them to cover the story from their point of view, involve them from the creation phase of a conference to give them an insight into the foundations and the list could go on.

Wake up! You need to start sharing your story and telling your online followers why they should come to your hotel, destination, or event.

User-generated content, real opinions and stories matter. A micro-influencer can tell your story, show your event/venue/destination potential and talk about your unique selling points more than you can do yourself.

Some people think if you hire an influencer, magic will happen immediately… Sorry to burst the bubble, but if you don’t have a good marketing foundation with clear messaging and goals, all the efforts of this “magical” influencer will fall short.

If you look at your current social media strategy today (and be honest!); how do you show your value, mission and or USP using social media? How and who manages your social media channels? Start writing it down and then look at the different marketing mediums you could use – one of them might just be micro-influencers!

You might feel lost in the overwhelming landscape of influencers and micro-influencers and all the jargon that goes with it! If you are interested in exploring how you might be able to partner with influencers, contact us via our website below.

Mariska Kesteloo
Founder Word of MICE

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