GUEST POST: Tips on Life on the Road, From the Road!

July 5, 2018

Challenge: Staying happy and motivated while constantly on the road

Solution: Do your best to enjoy yourself! If you’ve been in our beloved MICE industry long enough (or in my case grew up in it through your family) you learn that it’s not only a profession, it’s a lifestyle. And as with life on the road in every other industry, it starts off as fun. You’re young, you’re getting paid to travel – what can be better right? Well, as your responsibilities at home & at work increase, it can become an all-consuming burden. Here are some tips from me to manage your life on the road better;

1) Don’t worry yourself sick about making your clients feel like you’re in the office. Be honest, tell them you’re on the road and give a realistic time frame of when you’ll be able to reply. Don’t simply say “I’ll get back to you as soon as I can” And delegate as much as you can to your team back home.

2) On a similar note, do not spend every single minute you have off on your laptop trying to catch up. Breathe! Take a minute for yourself! Get a quick massage if you need to! Go do yoga! Go shopping if that calms you down! You might not reply to as many emails but the quality in the ones you do will be much more valuable!

3) Enjoy a night off with friends! Most people who know me will know that I’ll turn down one client dinner or networking event per trip to have a night off with my industry pals, my love for our time together to relax and share our troubles goes beyond words.

4) Experience what the destination has to offer, this is the industry we are in after all. Catch a football match in Barcelona, go wine tasting in Rome, go enjoy a DJ performance in Las Vegas or take a tour in rickshaws in Delhi. People complain about Frankfurt, well guess what? I just went to a Basquiat exhibition there during IMEX week, brilliant! And remember, we are only human!

Eda Özden

Director of Business Development at MEP Destination Business Solutions

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