Twitter is Far From Dead: Weezer Has Proven It

June 1, 2018

The world was blessed with a gem this week. It’s a gem I never knew I needed. Now that it’s here, I couldn’t imagine a world without it. If it weren’t for Twitter, Weezer may never have released a new song that managed to turn 2018 completely upside down.

You guessed it, folks, just a few days ago the rock band Weezer released a cover of the song “Africa” by Toto. The song that defined 1982 has been re-invented with Weezer’s signature guitar crunch and is now being shared all over YouTube and the Twitterverse. I had never been so motivated for a Monday morning run when I found out the news.

I wasn’t the only one apparently

Fans Rejoice on Twitter

Fans rejoice on Twitter

So how did this happen?

Did the band just wake up one morning and decide to bless our ears by covering one of the most recognizable songs of all time? It’s possible, but still a bold move nonetheless. Alas, Weezer’s “Africa” cover wasn’t born out of some divine enlightenment. According to Noisey, it was born from months of relentless Twitter campaigning by a 14-year-old named Mary.

Africa Tweet

The tweet that started it all

Mary created the Twitter account @WeezerAfrica back in December 2017 with one mission…add the internet’s favourite song “Africa” by Toto to Weezer’s list of legendary covers.

It was a joke. It was always meant to be a joke but despite the sheer ridiculousness of it all…

…The joke worked.

Weezer Africa Cover

Weezer blessed the rains down in Africa and left the internet to lose their mind that an internet meme worked. A meme actually bought one of the most successful bands that emerged in the mid-90s to the studio to record their take on the synth-rock legend.

In a typical Weezer fashion, (and maybe the advice of their social media consultant), Weezer fired back at the memes with their own take on some classic memes.

Weezer Memes

Blessed rains in Africa

It’s a human interaction that can only happen on Twitter.

The band is receiving the likes. They’ve gotten the retweets, they’ve even made the news on NBC.

Weezer Makes the News

My friends, in short, Weezer has won.

So what can this recent event teach us as social media professionals?

Have you blessed your ears with the tune yet? Don’t keep yourself waiting! Have a listen to their cover of Toto’s “Rosana” as well.

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