Unusual Instruments from Around the World

Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney
March 4, 2019

@SUPERGREYBEARD takes a look at some of the most unusual instruments from around the globe that were found via – artsandcultures.google.com.

Check out the full list here.



Mayuri Instrument
Mayuri Instrument

The Mayuri is an Indian instrument from the 19th century which resembles a peacock, the symbol of India.

This instrument is usually played while kneeling as it has a mighty 28-30 strings. This peacock-shaped instrument is actually created using real peacock feathers and a bill!

You can view how this instrument is played by watching the video below.


Copper Serpent

Copper Serpent Instrument
Copper Serpent

This instrument was originally made from wood and leather, but moved onto a more stable copper.

The Copper Serpent came into fashion in the 16th Century and has played roles in famous musician’s music. For instance, Mozart used this instrument in his 1771 opera Ascanio in Alba.

Below is a video on how the instrument is played.



Haegeum Instrument

The Haegeum is a traditional Korean instrument that is held vertically on the knee and played with a bow.

This instrument that resembles a fiddle, is played with two hands: the left hand creating tension in the string and the right using the bow.

This instrument is created with 8 materials: gold, rock, thread, bamboo, gourd, clay, leather and wood.

You can see footage of someone playing the Haegeum in the video below.


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