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Guest Author
March 4, 2019

We all know that the word of mouth is the most important piece of advertising and promotion. After all what works better than a friendly recommendation, to push us towards visiting a hotel, restaurant or a new city?

But nowadays, these recommendations from other people we like, trust or follow can come from online. This is the basis on which social media influencers based their business models. People treat this phenomenon as something new. It is as old as the marketing practice is.

Tiger Woods promotion of Nike at golf tournaments is influencer marketing. Victoria secret show working only with the top supermodels also falls into this category. Influencer marketing is nothing new.

However, you do not have to hire expensive influencers to post about your property or destination. In the era of social, anybody who posts about your hotel, venue or a destination is an influencer.

In fact, you can benefit from those recommendations in more ways than you can imagine. So start getting friendly with the idea of user-generated content.

User Generated Content
User Generated Content

By definition, User-generated content (UGC), alternatively known as user-created content (UCC), is any form of content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users on online platforms such as social media and wikis.

According to Forbes, Consumers will crave authenticity from brands. Various surveys show that 86% of consumers treat authenticity as extremely important when deciding what brands they support, and 60% say user-generated content (UGC) is the most authentic form of content.

By integrating trusted and engaging UGC throughout their multichannel marketing efforts, brands can win consumers’ hearts and wallets.

An increasing number of companies have been employing UGC techniques into their marketing efforts, such as Starbucks with their “White Cup Contest” campaign where customers competed to create the best doodle on their cups.

User-generated content used in a marketing context has been known to help brands in numerous ways.

But that is a general marketing advice for brands and products.

We at TurnedSee work in travel and MICE industry and researched our space specifically for you. We designed a few campaigns for you.

So how can you benefit from UGC? You are in luck because this tactic works very strong in travel-related industries.

  1. Competitions for the best content

Your clients visit your hotel or city on daily basis. Ask them to take creative pictures in your hotel or destination. Pick winners. Reshare their pictures. Promote the competition online and in all your communication with the clients.


2) Names, redesign, logos

Involve clients in the decision-making process. Have a competition for choosing the new logo or deciding the furniture colour. Clients could post their opinions or create a blog or video explaining their decision.

3) Track and re share user experiences

Track what people post about your brand on social media by using various apps. Then pick and re-share the content they posted about you. Pick the quality content. Always tag and thank these users .

You can include a small gift for choosing their content. Congratulate them on their photo sills or imagination. Maybe give them a little voucher or send your hotel’s goodie pack? Surprise them.

Two Monkeys travel blog, Visiting Hilton Bucharest
Pic source: Two Monkeys travel blog, Visiting Hilton Bucharest

People love to share and brag about something unexpected and kind that happen to them. This, in turn, will create more traffic for you. It will also create a super positive image of your brand, culture, and values.

4) Create the SELFIE SPOTS around your hotel or destination.

Something cool and unique? Fascinating view? Important person used to live here? Historic event took place? Put up selfie signs with information to let people know why this spot is a good place for a selfie and why it is important. Include appropriate hashtag to be used.

Seflie Spot


Pauline Kwasniak, CEO, Turnedsee Limited
Pauline Kwasniak, CEO, Turnedsee Limited

Pauline Kwasniak
Turnedsee Limited

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