When is the best time to schedule a meeting?

Louis Gilmartin
January 22, 2019

As a new recruit to the SoolNua team, I’ve been doing a lot of research into the world of meetings & events. As a novice, one of the things I was curious to find out was – what is the best day of the week to hold your meeting?


Why Mondays are a no-go

Falling asleep in a meeting

A lot of the time, Mondays are typically one of an employees slowest days. Straight after having two days off, people tend to still be in ‘weekend mode’ for the first day back in office. This leaves some people to not be in the right mindset for a meeting, therefore they are not very productive or present.

Mondays also seem to be, as well as Fridays, one of the most popular days for employee’s to take a personal or vacation day. This inconsistency may cause people to reject agreeing to a meeting in advance.


Why to avoid early-morning meetings

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Early-morning may seem like a good time to schedule a meeting as people are full of energy at the start of the day.

However, employees tend to still be sleepy during an early meeting. Early mornings usually mean people need to prepare for the meeting the night before or to come into work early.

Another negative factor for an early-morning meeting may be the fact that people will start to get hungry. When it gets close to lunch employees may become distracted by their stomach calling out to them.


How late-afternoon meetings can be difficult

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If you are conducting a late-afternoon meeting, you may notice employees being a little distant. It is a common thing for workers to start watching the clock once it comes close to finishing time.

This may also affect the outcome of the lasting effect of enthusiasm on the employee. If the meeting is to ensure them feel enthusiastic about a product/service, this might wear off as they head straight home.


Why Tuesday is perfect

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From all of the research I gathered throughout through various blogs and websites, Tuesday at 3:00 pm seemed to be the most popular time.

A recent study by WhenIsGood tells us that the majority of respondents to a survey opted for 3 pm meeting times. This is because people have time to do other jobs that day as well as prepare for a meeting.

Another survey conducted by YouCanBookMe tells us how 2 million respondents answered 2:30 pm on a Tuesday.

One important fact to remember if scheduling an afternoon meeting is keeping it quick. This is because people tend to make worse important decisions after they’ve spent all day making decisions.

So start scheduling your important meetings on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm!

Using the articles and surveys linked below we manage to gather all the information together to find the perfect timing.

You can view each of these articles here, here and here.


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