Who’s Ready to Become an Office Yogi?

Aideen O'Keeffe
November 8, 2019

It has become evident that there is a link between an employee’s health and the company’s performance. Employers have started to integrate physical exercise into their corporate wellness programs. Yoga is creeping its way in. Top companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have all incorporated yoga into their wellness programmes.

At SoolNua, we have started weekly yoga classes and we can all vouch for the benefits.

Feet on a Yoga Mat

Let’s explore some of these benefits.

Alleviates common pain from desk jobs

Employees spend long hours hunched over their desks and are often stretching their backs and necks in uncomfortable positions. This can lead to back pain and neck and shoulder pain, which in turn can interrupt productivity and workflow. In addition to this, employees are often forced to miss work for physiotherapy or doctor appointments.

The answer is…. YOGA. Stretching can improve pain through dynamic movement. Along with the added benefit of the stress relief. Who doesn’t want this?

Great Energy Around the Office

Working without breaks causes stress and ultimately leads to burnouts. Even simple movement or stretching every 30 minutes, increases blood circulation & oxygenation; necessary for energy production.

Yoga gets your heart and blood pumping, improving your energy level. It is also a great way to avoid fatigue. A no brainer!

Improves concentration & Productivity

Deadlines, demanding workloads and meetings can also cause stress, often hindering concentration and the ability to make smart decisions.

This is exactly why we need yoga at work – it brings you into the present, silencing our noisy unproductive thoughts, whilst increasing blood circulation & improving brain function. Time to make better decisions!

Yoga is Cost-Effective

Healthy, motivated and less stressed employees are more productive and economical for companies. Employers, if you’re reading this, yoga is the answer to all your employee-related problems. Our yoga teacher at SoolNua, Aoife Delaney, Director of Sales and Marketing at DMC Network supports this:

I have been teaching Yoga but in a corporate and private environment for over 7 years now, and the lifestyle enhancements that I see in my clients is so rewarding. Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, improve breathing and calm the mind – what workplace isn’t looking to introduce these benefits into their office lifestyle?

Aoife’s favourite student, Nova learnt how to the downward dog (excuse the pun).


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