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digital marketing & social media

"It's marketing, Jim, but not as we know it" – the brave new world of digital and how to leverage it for MICE success


60 minute keynote or 90 minute workshop

delivered by:

Patrick and/or Padraic


All sectors


All levels – particularly relevant for newbies and neophytes!

session description:

The digital revolution came as a consequence of the internet and changed the face of the business world to the extent that the acronyms BC and AD might be interpreted as “before computers” and “after digital”.

And nowhere in business has the digital revolution been more tsunami-like than marketing where global communication is instanteous and big data facilitates laser-like measurement.

But what are the threats and opportunities that stem from this for the meetings, incentives, conferences and events market?

Does digital turn face-to-face on its head? Does it challenge the pivotal importance of relationships in our industry? Or does the digital revolution bring in its wake immense opportunity and far-reaching positives?

This session highlights the opportunities, particularly with Social Media, for meetings and events professionals to leverage digital platforms to build profile, grow their businesses and win global clients.

learning outcomes:

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Develop an appreciation of the power and appeal of digital marketing
  • Understand some of the key principles of digital marketing
  • Appreciate how companies in the meetings industry are using social media successfully
  • Know the basics for building a digital strategy for your own company